About TMC

To Potential Clients

TMC works with clients in various parts of the organization. Choose your job title to see how we can provide targeted assistance.

To the CFO

TMC finds major cost savings through assessing IT operations.


To the IT Director

TMC can help you 'manage upwards', to justify budget money for what's really needed.


To the Customer Service Director

TMC understands customer satisfaction - how to measure it and how to improve it.


To the Help Desk Manager

Do you have the right number of staff? Do they have the right skills? TMC can answer your questions.


To the CIO

TMC develops IT and Telecom strategies that contribute to corporate success.


To the Emergency Planning Manager

TMC brings innovative ideas that can improve your performance in an emergency for less money than you might think.


To the Contact Centre Manager

Typcial Contact Centre reports can reward agents that provide poor customer service. TMC can help you change that.


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