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Sep 2020 Before the Security Scan Part 2 | Whoops! Human-Caused Risks | 5G Update | Bridging the Skills Gap HTML PDF
Jul 2020 Beware of the Dragon | The History of Ransomware | Before the Security Scan | Understanding Natural Risks HTML PDF
Jun 2020 SpaceX Plans for Canadian Service | Looking Good on Video | The Deep World of Deepfakes | The 8 Kinds of Risks HTML PDF
Sep 2020 Before the Security Scan Part 2 | <i>Whoops!</i> Human–Caused Risks | 5G Update | Bridging the Skills Gap HTML PDF
Apr 2020 It's Life… But Not As We Know It | The Other Way to Handle Disaster | The Time for Security Awareness | The Risks of Shadow IT HTML PDF
Mar 2020 Disaster Response | The 4th Industrial Revolution | Your Disaster Plan is Incomplete | Evolving Cloud Threats HTML PDF
Feb 2020 Optimizing Your Tech Refresh Schedule | Creating 'Beginner' Dashboards | Top AI Trends for 2020 | Six Reasons Why Your Disaster Plan Will Fail HTML PDF
Nov 2019 Drones: Risks and Restrictions | The Lure and Danger of 'Free' | AI and the Contact Centre | Saved by Content Services? HTML PDF
Sep 2019 Security Scare Tactics Don't Work | Ten Trends You Need to Know | Afraid of the Dark Web? | 5G Rollout HTML PDF
Feb 2019 The After-bite of Data Breaches | The 5G Conundrum | Death Of The Payphone | Digitizing Records - What to Do First HTML PDF
Sep 2018 Office Tech Lags | The End of the PSTN | Mobile Security Fail | Saving Too Much HTML PDF
Jun 2018 Chatbots Now | Doing More with Hybrid Cloud | Bluetooth 5, at Last | UC Lagging HTML PDF
May 2018 Blockchain - Why It's a Game Changer | Data Stewardship: Wrestling with the Essentials | Smart City Contest | Trusted Partners Expose Data HTML PDF
Apr 2018 False News Risks | Cellular as a disruptor | Gartner's 2018 Tech Trends | What You Must Do Before You're Hit by a Bus HTML PDF
Mar 2018 Digital Twins Improve Innovation | Surprising Risks from Social Media | Climate Change and Cell Phone Alerts | Iot Research Best Practices HTML PDF
Feb 2018 FirstNet: National Public Safety | Electronic Records Fiasco: What Now? | Death of Moore's Law and Other Big Trends | C-Suite Cyber Risk Perception HTML PDF
Nov 2017 AI Vision Can Be Tricked | Cybercrime Now Easier | Five Emerging BI Trends | Why Big Data Projects Fail HTML PDF
Oct 2017 Double Disaster - No Cash, No Credit | The RopeMaker Exploit | Improving Corporate Culture | Cloud Meets AI HTML PDF
Sep 2017 From Call Centres to Social Immersion | The End of Roaming? | Cascading Disasters: One Thing Leads to Another | Business Innovation Using Analytics HTML PDF
Jul 2017 Disaster Planning - 3rd Party Relationships are Crucial | The Sad Truth About Exploits | Don't Miss The Obvious | Designing KPIs to Ensure Success HTML PDF
Jun 2017 Safe Clicking | What if You Can’t Patch? | Disaster Lessons - Okanagan Style | Great Contact Centres - 2017 HTML PDF
May 2017 The Three Phases of Cyber Attacks | Blame Yourself for Wannacry! | SCADA - Cities at Risk | How to Turn Strategy into Reality HTML PDF
Apr 2017 IoT Makes DDOS Much Worse | The 3 Laws of Robotics Become …| Cyber Security Wisdom RSA 2017 | The Road to Hyperconverged HTML PDF
Feb 2017 You Own It But It’s Not Really Yours | Willing Victims | The Mobile Takeover | Why Users Love and Hate the DMS HTML PDF
Jan 2017 Avaya in Chapter 11 | Cloud Outages Hurt | Convergence of Cellular and WiFi | Is Technology the Wrong Answer? HTML PDF
Nov 2016 Robotic Process Automation | Business Process Mapping | The Public Service Robot | The Dangers of Modern Buildings HTML PDF
Oct 2016 Speech Recognition - The New Reality | Privacy Management Programs | Changing Risk Profiles | SD-WAN HTML PDF
Sep 2016 Power over Ethernet is not a Green Technology | IT Study Roundup | Gamification - The Future of Training | Text Messaging - The New Security Risk HTML PDF
Jul 2016 Data Breach Protection | Top Shortcomings in Disaster Plans | IT Study Roundup | Common IP Telephony Scams HTML PDF
Jun 2016 Brexit: New Uncertainty and Risk | Green Buildings Drain Cell Phone Batteries | Simply Adding WiFi Aps Often Gives Worse Service | NIMBY Surprise HTML PDF
May 2016 What About the Money | IoT Network Options | Enterprise Mobility - Facing the Challenges | Penetration Testing - The Whole Story HTML PDF
Apr 2016 The IT Brand - Building Connections | Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication - Mobile IoT | ZigBee - Opportunity or Crisis? | The Joys of Tabletopping HTML PDF
Mar 2016 When Is It Too Soon for an IT Strategic Plan? | IoT Networks: Part 2 - Why? | Data Governance Worst Practices Part 2 | A Project Manager's Renegade View HTML PDF
Feb 2016 Augmented and Virtual Reality | Death of Passwords | IoT Networks: Part 1 - HaLow | Hit by a Bus: What To Do When Key Employees Are Unavailable HTML PDF
Jan 2016 Make Time to Identify Transformational Projects | Business Intelligence | Easy-Approval Projects | Data Governance Worst Practices Part 1 HTML PDF
Nov 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Telecommuting | Cloud Adoption: Why Security Risks Shouldn't Stop You | ‘Anywhere, with Any Device’ Policy Increases Enterprise Risk | When Disaster Strikes for Off-site Employees HTML PDF
Oct 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - The Customer Viewpoint | Multichannel | Risk Management and Customer Service | CRMs HTML PDF
Sep 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - When Leading Edge Becomes Bleeding Edge | 15th Generation Networking | Physical Security - a word from a Pro | Emerging Technology - Software Defined Radio (SDR) HTML PDF
Jul 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Project Plan Failure | IT Governance 101 (Part 3) | "What Shall We Do With the Bodies?" - Tough Questions for Disaster Planners | It All Starts with a Plan HTML PDF
Jun 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Business Recovery Plan Fail | IT Governance 101 (Part 2) | Changing Your Corporate Culture | Wearables - A Scary Nirvana HTML PDF
May 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Falling for Phishing | Disaster Strikes... “But We’re Not Ready!” | IT Governance | The Internet of Things HTML PDF
Apr 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - PANs and BANs | Swimming in Radio | Trunked Radio | Satellites 101 | WiFi Woes HTML PDF
Mar 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Fake Cell Sites | Shared Services as an Overlay | A Marvel of Disaster Recovery | Are You Too Trusting? HTML PDF
Feb 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - The Dangers of BYOD | People Want to Listen When... | Data @ Large: The Real World of Data, Privacy and Security | The People Side of BYOD HTML PDF
Jan 2015 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Fighting Spam | Early Warning Indicators | Is Google Really My Friend? | How Others See Me HTML PDF
Nov 2014 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Cyber Attacks Part 1: Fighting Back | Changing the IT Brand | Leadership Style: The Difference that Makes the Difference | Why IT Governance Matters HTML PDF
Oct 2014 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Perils of Google | Wearable Technologies | Voice over LTE (aka VoLTE) | The Unnecessary Disaster - Part 1 HTML PDF
Sep 2014 Just When You Thought You Were Safe - Tracking You | Overcoming Inertia | Why Do We Keep Hiring Admin Staff? | The Unnecessary Disaster - Part 2 HTML PDF
Jul 2014 Just When You Thought You Were Safe | Collateral Damage | Self-Assessing Enterprise Risk | The Unnecessary Disaster | You Can Be Sued! HTML PDF
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