TMC answers to commonly asked questions.

Vendor as Consultant

Why can't I hire a systems vendor as a consultant? They really know their systems.

WAN Virtualization vs. Optimization

What's the difference between WAN Virtualization and Optimization?

OECD Standards of Care

What are the OECD standards of care? Is there a checklist of things that different levels of the organization should know and be responsible for?


What's the simple answer to why should I care about governance?

Back-up Data Centre

Do I need to be as fussy about provisioning our back-up data centre as we were with our primary data centre?

Unified Communications (UC)

What exactly does Unified Communications (UC) mean? What isn't part of UC?

Cellular Signal Boosters

We have terrible cell coverage in certain parts of our building. What can we do?


What's the simple answer to why should we virtualize?

The Old Consultant Question

Isn't it true that if you ask a consultant for the time, they'd borrow your watch?

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