Projects by Technology

Radio Systems/WiFi

Radio technology includes many familiar technologies such as cellular, WiFi, municipal trunked radio, long distance microwave, Bluetooth, walkie-talkies and others. Wikipedia defines radio technology as the wireless transmission of signals through free space by electromagnetic radiation of a frequency significantly below that of visible light, in the radio frequency range, from about 30kHz to 300 GHz. Radio assessment, design/redesign and project management includes consideration of the following:

  • Coverage assessment by frequency spectrum
  • Assessment of signal penetration into and around buildings
  • Repeaters and in-building signal distribution
  • Point to point issues
  • Traffic modelling, particularly for WiFi and trunked radio systems
  • Licencing applications for licences spectrum
  • Risk of immediate or future interference for unlicensed spectrum
  • Procedures and policies
  • The special, non-intuitive design issues associated with WiFi

TMC has helped many clients assess, redesign, optimize or replace their Radio Systems. Here are a few of our Radio Systems projects:

  • TMC has conducted a radio assessment for connectivity to locations without fibre access.
    Fire Chief, a major Canadian Municipality
  • TMC supervised a radio tower installation.
    Various Municipalities
  • TMC gave an expert opinion on whether wireless remote monitoring was historically available.
    A Vancouver Law Firm