Projects by Technology

Wide Area Networks

Wide Area network projects include many issues aside from Optimization/Virtualization. These can include:

  • Requirements assessment
  • Reliability assessment
  • Load Balancing
  • Security assessment
  • Traffic modelling
  • Cost/service optimization
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Service Level Agreements

TMC has helped many clients in these aspects of WAN management. Here are a few of our WAN management projects:

  • TMC provided expertise for the data WAN RFP and bid evaluation.
    Enterprise-wide Technology Leader, a Provincial Safety Agency
  • TMC prepared a RFP for data and voice WAN, local services and distributed VoIP system.
    CIO, a National retailer
  • TMC conducted market research, feasibility and design for the City's fiber network.
    Assistant Superintendent Telecommunications, a large Municipality

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