Projects by Service Type

Staff Skills Assessment

TMC has performed staff skills assessments for clients to allow them to optimize staffing levels and training. Fewer contractors were required when staff developed the required skillsets. Staff work satisfaction levels also increased and projects had fewer setbacks. A complete staff skills assessment includes the following:

  • Verify IT and telecom systems and service inventory
  • Verify which systems and services are to continue to be supported
  • Review which systems and services are to be supported in-house and to what level
  • Identify service and support objectives
  • Identify required skills
  • Develop staff skills inventory including consultants and contractors
  • Prepare gap analysis
  • Review options with client
  • Prepare business case and recommendations

Here are a few example Staff Skills Assessment projects:

  • TMC conducted a staffing skills assessment and recommended training and job reassignments.
    Data Centre Manager, a Transit Company
  • TMC conducted a governance model review, IT staffing review and a service model review.
    CIO, a Software Development Company
  • TMC conducted a complete IT Assessment and developed a strategy and roadmap.
    Director IST, a Major Charity

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