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Compliance and Governance

Complying with regulations and laws for data security and privacy is an increasing concern for all organizations. Ensuring the security and privacy of stored data as well as data in transit is good business practice and establishing processes and systems to support compliance verification is of increasing importance. TMC help clients through the process, providing the following:

  • Work with the client team to ensure a common understanding of ‘due care’ and ‘due diligence’.
  • Confirm who is considered to be the ‘client’
  • Review regulator and legal requirements - Canada, US, Europe
  • Workshop options for voluntary governance
  • Develop governance model
  • Define dashboards, scorecards
  • Define metrics - KGIs, KRIs, PIs and KPIs
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Supervise implementation plan

TMC has assisted many clients to address Compliance and Governance. Here are a few of our Compliance and Governance projects:

  • TMC conducted a governance model review, IT staffing review and a service model review.
    CIO, a Software Development Company
  • TMC conducted a governance review.
    Director IST, a major Charity
  • TMC personnel have conducted a variety of risk assessment, security and governance projects.
    A consortium of five BC Credit Unions

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