Projects by Service Type

Regulatory Review

TMC has helped clients identify and comply with regulations that affect their operation. Some examples include:

  • PCI security requirements
  • 911 requirements
  • Safety Code 6
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • IT systems auditing and reporting requirements
  • Radio tower structures
  • Outgoing contact centres and 'robo-calling'
  • Access to carrier poles and right-of-ways

Here are a few example Regulatory Review projects:

  • TMC designed a new tower and provided guidance through the regulatory approval process.
    Director Regional Services, a large BC Municipality
  • TMC investigated regulatory requirements and designed a solution for compliance.
    IT Manager, a Canadian Power Utility
  • TMC personnel liaised with the government regulator for credit union ERM practices.
    Director - Examinations, a Financial Institution Regulator

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