Projects by Business Objective

Assess IT Operations

TMC clients who have used us to asses their IT operations have appreciated our expertise and experience as well as our independence from suppliers. They have learned, quickly and clearly, what changes were required to best align their IT operations to overall business objectives. They also learn how their performance compared to Best-in-Class. Areas of assessment have included:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Support
  • IT Service Desks including call centres, contact centres and help desks
  • Contract and Vendor Management
  • IT Spending - CAPEX, OPEX, contracts and licencing
  • Benchmarking
  • Org structure
  • Staffing - do you have the right number of staff doing the right jobs? Do they have they right skills?
  • Compliance (and proof of compliance)

Here are a few example projects:

  • TMC lead an IT Assessment, recommending service model and organizational structure changes.
    Data Centre Manager, a Transit Company
  • TMC conducted a variety of IT Assessment projects.
    CIO, a global Software Company
  • TMC personnel developed and implemented an ERM framework using COBIT methodology.
    A consortium of Five BC Credit Unions

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