Projects by Business Objective

Assess IT Systems

TMC clients who have used us to assess their IT Systems have appreciated our expertise and experience as well as our independence from suppliers. They have learned, quickly and clearly, what changes were required to best align their IT systems to overall business objectives. They also learned how their systems compared to Best-in-Class. Areas of assessment have included

  • Data Centre - rack layout, cable distribution, floor loading, power, fire suppression, seismic bracing, monitoring and security
  • Applications - functional, technical and business value adequacy, interactions
  • Applications alignment - how many, how many rogues, real cost of support
  • Servers - quantity and age
  • Virtualization - do you follow best practices?
  • Network - WiFi, VLAN design, traffic bottlenecks, WAN optimization
  • Security assessments and penetration testing

Here are few example projects:

  • TMC completed an assessment and redesign of the airport's WiFi system.
    CIO, a major Airport Authority
  • TMC developed a snapshot of network services and costs, assessing the value of the services.
    Information Technology Manager, a Construction Materials Company
  • TMC conducted a data centre study and designed and project managed the new data centre.
    Data Centre Manager, a regional Transit Company

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