Projects by Business Objective

Assess Customer Service

Good customer service means more than Ďno complaints to the Presidentí. In fact, most organizations donít know for sure if they provide good customer service to either their internal or external customers. In general, internal customers suffer in silence or complain to their coworkers. External customers donít complain either if itís easy to purchase from another source. TMC has used many methods to assess customer service levels, to recommend improvements and to recommend technology tools to provide this information to IT and/or Customer Service management. Some of these methods include:

  • Automated audio surveys that occur at the conclusion of an interaction
  • Outbound calls to interview sample customers after the conculsion of the interaction
  • Online surveys after accessing your website
  • Online videos with open comments
  • Email invitations to complete a survey
  • Focus groups
  • Facebook pages and other social media
  • Paper surveys made available at convenient locations

Here are a few example projects

  • TMC assessed requirements for a new telephone system to improve customer service.
    General Manager, a Boutique Hotel
  • TMC presented a seminar on how to improve customer service.
    Admin Services Officer, a Professional Association
  • TMC performed a Contact Centre needs assessment focusing on customer service.
    President, a specialty Lending Institution

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