Projects by Business Objective

Assess Business Continuity

Effective risk identification and impact assessment lay the foundation for successful systems and data recovery. TMC clients who have used us to develop or review their business continuity plan have appreciated our approach of going beyond identifying the obvious risks and reviewing the less obvious, but critical, risks. We have delivered services in several ways including:

  • Seminar-style Brainstorming Session
  • Mini-projects of 2 to 5 days
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity plan development
  • Backup data centre options beyond 'data centre in a box'

Here are a few example projects:

  • TMC developed a national unified communication strategy which included network resilience.
    CIO, a National Retailer
  • TMC designed a new data centre: space, distributed power, rack layouts and fire suppression.
    Director IST, a major Charity
  • TMC personnel have conducted management and board level risk identification workshops.
    A variety of small to mid-sized Credit Unions

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