Projects by Business Objective


Relocation is often a massive process. Once a new location is chosen, an architect or design firm begin to plan your space. Itís critical that IT space planning begins early in this process. TMC has helped clients by attending project meetings to identify emerging risks and risk mitigation options as well as advising on or specifying:

  • Building entry for telephone and data services including diverse/redundant access
  • Building riser system review including security
  • Specification of copper and fibre cabling as required
  • Voice, data and video cable distribution in ceiling or below floor ensuring that distance limits are not exceeded and capacity for growth is included
  • Special purpose cabling such as elevator phones and monitoring, security, alarms, building access, etc.
  • Server room design including power distribution and back-up, fire suppression, seismic bracing, access control, monitoring and security
  • Comm closet placement, sizing and provisioning of power, racks, ventilation, etc.
  • WiFi AP layout
  • Meeting room conferencing capabilities

Here are a few example projects:

  • TMC designed and acquired infrastructure for a new head office with a seven site network.
    Vice President, a National Resource Management Authority
  • TMC designed a new data centre: space, distributed power, rack layouts and fire suppression.
    Director IST, a major Charity
  • TMC project managed infrastructure design and implementation for a major new campus.
    Manager Client Services, a large Canadian Polytechnic

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