Projects by Business Objective

Manage Costs and Supplier Contracts

TMC has benchmarked client spending to the spending of others and to best practices. We have broken this analysis down by cost category and cost management process to identify where changes are recommended.

Cost Optimization

  • Audits of inventory vs. invoices
  • Staff skills assessment
  • Staff workload assessment
  • Staff vs. contractors/consultants
  • Licencing management
  • Maintenance costs
  • Contract and vendor management

Opportunities to Redirect Savings

  • Transformational projects
  • Emergency Operations/DR Planning
  • Improved technology or network services
  • Increased staffing or staff training
  • Increasing the demonstrating the value of IT

Here are a few example projects

  • TMC developed a snapshot of network services and costs, assessing the value of the services.
    Information Technology Manager, a Construction Materials Company
  • TMC reviewed network operating costs and recommended cost reduction opportunities.
    Associate Director of IT, a Provincial Legal Aid Organization
  • TMC provided network expertise for invoice assessment and asset management.
    Enterprise-wide Technology Leader, a Provincial Safety Agency

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