Projects by Business Objective

Emergency Operations Centre

TMC has worked with clients to design and improve emergency operations centres as well as all areas of emergency planning. Our expertise goes beyond standard emergency planning protocols to uncover hidden disasters-in-waiting. We have delivered services in several ways including

  • Assessment of current operations
  • Design and project management of an evacuation site
  • Design of radio tower for emergency operations
  • Virtual Emergency Operations Centre funcationality
  • Presentation on emergency planning
  • Backup data centre options for Emergency Operations Centre

Here are a few example projects:

  • TMC recommended changes to the emergency command centre.
    RCMP Chief Superintendent, Officer in Charge, a major Canadian Municipality
  • TMC investigated the communication failures in a natural disaster, recommending changes.
    IT Manager a Provincial Municipality
  • TMC designed an emergency command centre and the ops centre for the security department.
    Manager Client Services, a large Canadian Polytechnic

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