Projects by Business Objective

Improve Help Desk

TMC helps clients improve their help desk in various ways including:

  • Assessing current operations
  • Recommending changes to work processes
  • Assessing staff skills and recommending any required training
  • Comparing pay rates to local industry rates
  • Recommending mobility improvements
  • Acquiring or optimizing the use of help desk software
  • Optimizing communications channels including portal updates
  • Configuring management reporting and escalation thresholds

Here are a few example projects:

  • TMC specified a new, distributed help desk as part of the upgraded corporate network.
    CIO, a Major North American Property Management Company
  • TMC conducted an assessment of IT roles, responsibilities and skills, recommending changes.
    Data Centre Manager, a regional Transit Company
  • TMC conducted an IT staffing skills assessment.
    CIO, a Federal Agency

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