Services by Business Sector


Education can use IT and Telecom systems and services as a differentiator and a force multiplier. The right technology-based systems and services can:

  • Enable and empower students, faculty and staff
  • Support students, faculty and staff to become leaders in their professions
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Transform processes
  • Provide enhanced services to the community including outreach

TMC assists Education to support these objectives. Please select from among our service offerings which are indexed in three ways.

By Service Type: To review our services on the basis of service type such as IT Assessments, Emergency Preparedness or Project Management.

By Business Objective: To review our services on the basis of business problem such as inadequate customer service, end of life systems or need to relocate.

By Technology: To review our services on the basis of technology category such as data centre, wireless or unified communications.

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